Can I order from Taobao from Germany?

Many people wonder if it is possible to order from Taobao from Germany. As far as I know, this is not possible, or only possible to a limited extent:1) For the payment you need Alipay.
2) Language problems make shopping difficult
3) Most dealers do not deliver outside China.

Conclusion: The biggest problem is the Alipay account. To use Alipay you need a Chinese bank account. And you can only get it in China. So if you don’t have a bank account in China, you can’t create an Alipay account. For all those who already have an Alipay account, you only have to find a merchant who is willing to ship internationally. Official shipping services (Taobao Cargo) are not yet available for the European region.

Taobao Agents

Alternatively, I can recommend the service of a Taobao agent to anyone. Ordering from Taobao Agents also has its advantages:

1. order at different stores

If you want to buy from different stores, it is more advantageous to hire an agent. Because an agent collects all orders and sends them together in one package to you. Otherwise, each store will ship to you individually (if the stores are willing to do so), which of course costs a lot more.

2. shipping costs

In my experience, Taobao stores charge much higher shipping costs than an agent offers in such cases. Most stores do not deliver outside China and therefore have no experience in international shipping. So they simply charge much more than necessary.

There is an infinite number of Taobao Agents on the net. But I can’t tell you if they are serious, because I have never used their services before. But if you want to order something from China, you can write to me. You can read here how it works with me: Taobao Service
If you have questions about the articles or dealers at Taobao you can ask me anytime. Because some of the products you get afterward look completely different than on the pictures.

Compare Taobao Agents

Taobao agents are a dime a dozen. Sometimes it is really hard to choose the right one. So I have compared some Taobao Agents for you. My main focus was also the price and shipping. You can get to the agent comparison by clicking on the picture below.

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